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Grand Expediters NYC manages, monitors and maintains a variety of property types, including apartments, multi-family residential, office, retail, Commercial, Hospital and Hotel properties free of NYC Department of Buildings, FDNY, Environmental Control Board, Housing Preservation Commission, FDNY, and Landmark violations by filing for construction and work permits.


We prepare all applications immediately upon client request, and will file it with the NYC Department of Buildings, Landmarks, DEP, FDNY, and all other applicable agencies, to obtain construction and work permits. Grand Expediters NYC will also provide additional services to contractors, Architects and Engineers, single clients, tenants, shareholders, co-ops, condos, property managers, commercial and industrial properties, Real Estate companies, financial institutions, local and foreign investors by updating clients of their property status with reports and spreadsheets.

Residential and Commercial Expediting

We maintain control throughout the preparation of the applications and filing process to ensure that your property is reviewed by NYC to the highest quality standards

NYC Department of Buildings Applications

We manage all stages of each project. From the pre-preparation of a project through finalizing and review, to filing the application with the NYC Department of Buildings.

New York City Department of Buildings

Responsible for ensuring code compliance for building, electric, zoning, labor, and multiple dwellings, this New York City branch of government, and its approval, is of the utmost importance for residential and commercial property owners in New York.

Our expeditors in New York City help clients apply for interior and exterior renovations of existing structures that either change or do not change occupancy. We also help clients obtain a variety of construction permits in New York City in order to complete their projects, including:

  • General construction
  • Plumbing
  • Underpinning
  • Shoring and Bracing
  • Structure and Stability
  • Footing and foundation
  • Fire stops
  • Mechanical
  • Sprinkler
  • Standpipe

As most property owners understand, obtaining construction permits is nowhere near the end of the paperwork involved in updating existing properties or building new ones. We assist in a variety of legal construction situations, including changing prior applications, withdrawing, reassigning, or reinstating existing applications or permits, permit renewals and post-approval amendments to existing paperwork.

Landmark Preservation Commission

Rich in architectural heritage, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has been responsible for designating and preserving the City’s landmarks and historic districts since 1965. For builders and owners dealing with historic structures, our expeditors in New York help apply for, obtain, and maintain

  • Filings for interior and exterior renovations of historic buildings and structures
  • Landmark permits
  • Certificates of No Effect
  • Certificates of Appropriateness
  • Removal of landmark violation filings
Environmental Control Board Hearings (ECB)

Our expeditors in New York City also work with all other applicable New York government branches to ensure your renovation or construction project complies with all codes and laws in the city and the state. This includes working with the Environmental Control Board, which is responsible for ensuring builders and owners do not violate city laws that pertain to the health, safety, and cleanliness of the city’s people or environment. Our expeditors in New York City can help you to comply with all ECB enforced laws, saving you from paying large fines for violations. This includes researching existing charges, handling existing cases, and helping you to avoid future violations.

  • Attendance of Environmental Control Board Hearings (ECB)
  • Removal of ECB violations
  • Write off of NYC Fines and penalties
  • Requests for new hearings
  • Research of violations on a property

We also handle Fire Department issues and codes, including sprinklers and fire alarm applications, Mayor Task Force violations, all applications with the City Surveyor’s office, violation search and removals for the Housing Preservation and Development Branch, and facilitating approved applications from the Loft Board.

When it comes to construction permits in New York City and all other paperwork involved in renovation and construction projects, nobody is more experienced or qualified to help you plan and prepare, implement, and finish code and law compliant projects than Grand Expediters NYC.

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